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#1 | Posted: 10 Mar 2011 12:06 
http://www.gth-clan.de/index.php/component/content /article/25-allgemein/172-et-news-overdose-inoffiz ieller-enemy-territory-nachfolger-

ich würde sagen die Map ist nicht von Fueldump inspiriert, sondern 1zu1 geklaut und andere Texturen drüber gepackt.

ob das was taugt?
since 2003
#2 | Posted: 10 Mar 2011 12:10 
Auch die Feature-Liste auf der offiziellen Website l?sst vermuten, dass uns mit OVERDOSE ein neues ET erwarten d?rfte

Class Based Team Action ? With a heavy focus on Team Play, OverDose takes cooperative objective based gaming to the next level.
Player Customisation ? Player classes can be customised in a variety of physical ways, from simple features such as gear and skin tones, to clan logos, badges and the like. Every weapon has multiple configurations and attachments, allowing you to create your own arsenal that suits your needs.
Freedom Of Movement ? OverDose takes team play to the next level with "TeamActions", allowing you to help your team mates in the field. See a ledge you can't mantle onto? Give your friend a boost up there and then ask for a pull up. Your buddy down and waiting a medic but the area is too hot for support? Get over there and drag him out! Need to get into cover quickly while under fire? Sprint over there and slide into cover directly. OverDose takes the basic staples of the genre and turns them up to 11, the way Baby Raptor Jesus intended.
Next Gen Engine ? Built on id Software's Quake II engine (Yes, id Tech 2) [TBG] have expanded and improved upon the original engine in every way possible to bring you such graphical features as an intense fully dynamic, unified per-pixel lighting and shadowing model with shadow mapping, parallax occlusion mapping, real time sub surface scattering, ambient occlusion and advanced post process effects.
Full EAX Support ? OverDose allows its designers TOTAL freedom over its sound design in its worlds and as such allows some crazy EAX/OpenAL effects. Sound is just as important as graphics in a game and we really have given the area huge backing.
Fast Frame Rates ? Every graphical option has several levels of quality and rather than force people with set options, OverDose allows the player amazing freedom over what they see. Gone are the days of generic graphic options ruining fun!
Full Online Ranking System ? Players gain XP per game which promotes them in rank, which in turn can be used to match you up with players of similier skill. Whats more with the system being fully saved in conjunction with our master server, stats and rankings can be tracked online!
Full SDK And Tool Set ? OverDose is fully behind modifications and as such we have a complete toolset built from the ground up just for OverDose modders.
FREE ? And that's the big one. OverDose is a FREE to play indie game.

Verarschen kann ich mich auch alleine, ET umbenannt und fertig ...
since 2002
#3 | Posted: 10 Mar 2011 12:56 
beim ersten lesen hab ich auch eher an einen Mod gedacht...
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