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War Details

Datum/Uhrzeit 29.05.2005 00:00Uhr
Liga no League
Competitiontyp Fun
Competition òÓ
Season ---

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Modus 5on5
Teams GOD* .US vs SBI   (Sneaky Bastards Inc.)
Map 1 1 : 0 (Village)
Map 2 1 : 0 (Castle)
Map 3 1 : 0 (Beach)
Map 4
Ergebnis  3 : 0
Kill 4 Money
So What

Warreport It started of on map village they were attacking we held them off the hole game.Then we attacked I think we had the crypt open in 1;40 Then GOT TO TRUCK IT WAS 3:20 OR SO .Then they wanted to play castle We attacked first and all together we had the coffin open and obj in room within 4min i think.Then they attack, we held them off the entire time. Acid has some screen shots :)
Thanks goes out to SBI they were a good and respectibley clan to play.Hope to see yall in the future.Thanks to all the US members for showing up and fragging well togethere.
I told yall it will just take time before u know it we will be wipping Zapp and Steiner (w/out blk lol).

GG guys
So What

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