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War Details

Datum/Uhrzeit 22.08.2004 00:00Uhr
Liga no League
Competitiontyp Fun
Competition òÓ
Season ---

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Modus 3on3
Teams GOD* .US vs =TAO=   (TAO Gamerz)
Map 1 1 : 1 (Base)
Map 2 1 : 1 (Beach)
Map 3
Map 4
Ergebnis  2 : 2
So What

Warreport Results in overview:
Base 1:1
Beach 1:1

We played a very good match. We won the first Base round in 1:44 - that's a very nice time!
The teamwork was pretty good, but we had to fight with a few hugh problems:

  • the Server was running Shrubmod - not OSP!

  • I had to fight instead of a_bALDI, sadly with a high ping, so my aim was pretty bad

  • after the first round, our Teamspeak server crashed, so we had no conversation during the last round on base and the 2 beach rounds!

  • due to non OSP, there was no warmup phase, the match started a few seconds after one round was over (mmh, that's ok for public, but bad for a clanwar)

  • because of this, I had no chance to set timenudge...

  • and finally, they changed the settings for Beach. Normaly you have 8 min. maptime and the Axisspawntime is 40 sec.
    On this Server it was 15 min. maptime and 25 (maybe 20) seconds spawntime for Axis. With this low spawntime, you've no chance to go short, cause the Axis spawn much to fast.
    The settings are ok, if you play them day by day (like TAO), but definitly NOT ok, if you train and practice with original settings.

Thx to TAO for the war, maybe we can repeat it one day, but next time the OSP/std settings.

Good Game GOD*US

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